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Robert ARZUR Email

En cherchant des photos pour les montrer à mes enfants, je suis tombé par hasard sur ce site où très peu de Français se sont manifestés.J'ai passé 2 années chez Intersub en 1978 et 1979 en temps qu'electronicien, d'abord à Rungis où j 'ai travaillé sur la partie acquisition de données du Trov qui devait remplacer les sous marins. Puis j ai embarqué sur l' Intersub 4 où j'ai effectué quelques plongées en sous marin en mer du Nord, et on est passé à la phase active de la mise au point en conditions réelles du Trov qui était une merveille de technologie et qui était opérationnel fin 1979.Pour des raisons personnelles j 'ai démissionné en décembre 1979 et ai passé mon dernier mois à l' Estaque et je suis très triste d'apprendre que, 6 mois après mon départ , Intersub allait couler.

Guy Imbert Email

Si peu de noms français au bas de cette cinquantaine d'hommages. Pour autant, Jean-Claude Durand en dépit de ses années si courtes, a laissé à Marseille et dans la plongée professionnelle un merveilleux souvenir. Meilleures pensées à ses proches, ses amis et tous ceux que j'ai eu la chance de croiser dans son entourage au cours de ces années si brèves. Un grand merci pour ce livre d'images sur la pénétration et le travail sous la  mer. Un ancien de Cousteau et de la base sous-marine du cap Janet. 
Guy Imbert, directeur de recherche au CNRS honoraire.

Janice Wang Email

Thanks for organizing this website, Nick. So sad to learn of InterSub's story.

I worked as a bilingual secretary for Intersub in 1976-1977 during my year abroad. I have nothing but great memories of my time there. It was a transformative year for me.

I left California for France in 2017 and am now a full-time French resident in Mougins (Alpes-Maritimes). Would love to connect with my "anciennes collègues", Huguette or Yvette.

Nick Messinger 

There have been several recent attempts to access my Guestbook and change the password, etc.
Please be advised that no such attempts have succeeded!

Czar Dennis Holstein of Russia Email

I would like to invite new members to visit my business Oneida Life and the community Vale Conga. Vale Conga is a great site to communicate with members all around the globe. Vale Conga makes it easy to share pictures, videos and content.

Dr. Kyle Oleynik Email

Hello... Went to sleep... busy... working on my project of being emperor of Russia, Germany and India.

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Nick Messinger Email

Christophe Durand has done a really excellent job with the new InterSub website, after I allowed mine to lapse - taking my eyes off the ball again!

Christophe Durand Email

Hello Nick!
Great job with this site.
I have asked Brigitte to get you the Légion d'Honneur.

Nick Messinger 

In light of the recent news, I now wish to state that I have no connection with the despicable murderer, Peter Madsen, and regret having posted his link on the InterSub website:-

And be sure to take a look at this amazing privately built minisub urgently needing your help!

Jack Hotelling Email

Glad to come across this site! I am a researcher/collector of information on deep submersibles. I recently acquired a press photo of a PC8B, doing a demo in London from the mother ship, "Bay Shore", and the Tower bridge in the background. I see from the photo gallery on the website this may well have been Intersub's first submersible. Dated May 28th, 1974.
I know Vickers Oceanic also had a PC8, used at Loch Ness in 1973. I was attempting to determine if this was two different Perry submarines or the same sub, sold to Vickers then resold to Intersub?
Any information is appreciated. Thank you,
F.L. Jack Hotelling, FTG1/SS-USN retired.

Nick Messinger Email

Just received from Tony Miller.....

Although he worked for 2W's,  Derek Hesketh "Cyclops" was another of the characters that made the Intersub family so special and, as a diving supervisor, helped us achieve so much with so few!

Derek passed on last month, I'm not sure of the circumstances but understand he had been ill for some time.

We kept in touch and he was always enthusiastic to hear news of the Intersub people. 

His "Hello Dear Boy" booming across on channel 69 will be missed.

Nick Messinger Email


More sad news:- Daniel Forante (hydraulics operator) passed away just before Christmas. 

From Claudine: "Daniel was a wonderful, funny chap, and our small “club” will miss him very much. Very courageous, he came sometimes to our Marseilles house, with his wife Michèle, between two chemo therapies.  

Donald Oldaker  Email

Happened across this page by accident but it brings back so many great memories. I worked on Intersub 4 in the Straits of Messina and on the survey between Tunisia and Sicily with PC 1205 and 1601 during the summer of 1979 with Bernard Lize, Gerard Charpentier, and many others. And I worked with Vance Bradley in the Gulf of Mexico in 1978. My dad ran Hyco in the early 70s and was very good friends with the Durands. My years working with this industry are my most treasured memories. Thanks for keeping it alive.

Nick Messinger Email

Just heard the very sad news that Lloyd Jasper passed away, recently, in New York. A great guy, a real gentleman.

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Nick Messinger Email

Greetings from sunny Portland Marina in Dorset!
Jim Kelly has recently sent me some terrific photos taken when he was a lockout diver on board InterSub Three, which I will soon be uploading to the website.
In the meantime - have a great Summer!

passot Email

Good evening from the opposite side of the channel.
Congratulations to your queen - nice personne - a lot of respect coming from France.
It is very nice to discuss with all of you - I hope that all of you are in good shape probably less hard , but with the age, we are appreciating your softness -
Take care, and all the best to you and to your relatives-
Kinds regards

Nick Messinger Email

Nutty Carr died on the morning of 6th April 2016,  in a home near Chichester, of prostate cancer which had spread to his bones. 
Bob Hudson visited him shortly before he died.  Nutty was not a religious man and did not want a service or funeral. He donated his body to science and it has been accepted by the Bristol Anatomy School to where it has been shipped.

Greg Busch Email

I am the new owner of PC1201 (Busch Marine) as of Feb. 2016 and will be operating it on the Great Lakes and where ever else business takes it.

Jim Kelly Email

nice to see this website site up.

I had the privilege to serve onboard InterSub Three when it had PC1202 lashed to it back in the mid 70s.

What an awesome combination they were!

Would love to hear from anybody who was onboard then.

Jim Kelly
Vancouver, Canada

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