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Bruce McKenzie Email

Just been on the Intersub site. Never knew it existed. Came across it by chance
I worked on all the Intersub vessel which had dive systems fitted.
I worked Ocean Systems and 2W at the time during the late 70,s along side Tony Millar, Dick Winchester, Cyclops and many others
Al Richal was project ops manager at the time.
I was the dive systems tech at the time
Where are they all now

Nick Messinger Email

Thanks Ian and Pete - great to hear from you - please send me any photos you have of Perry boats and InterSub for the webpage. Am currently updating my 1974 University thesis on the evolution of the manned submersible - with chapters on major builders and operators.
Yours aye!
NickM - Webmaster

Peter Nellessen Email

Good to see Intersub is alive online. Thanks for posting the photos. I worked on a several Perry Subs and also on the Sat Systems built at Seaforth Perry and Installed on Intersub 3 and 4. There is a photo of the flexible mating trunk on the site. Brings back many happy memories. ROVs suck!!! Bring back those subs.

Ian Blamire Email

Hi Guys,
Just bumped into the site and it brought back a flood of memories and a lump in my throut! Best wishes to you all Ian B

Ashley Leng Email

Superb site, there must be more pictures out there!
Hello Randy!

Bruce Crawford Email

what a wonderful work you have done !
can't wait to see more pictures and stories and will search my files for some to add
we are fortunate to be able to see Claudine and Jacques every summer in France while we are in Italy in June and Sept
and we stay in touch with Hap Perry and Jon Newman
love to all of you from Bruce and Holly in North Palm Beach, Florida where we pass the old submarine factory almost every weekend in our boat

Nick Messinger Email

Just uploaded some great photos from Emile Levesque.

They can be found by going to InterSub People.....
Thanks Emile - great to hear from you again.

Nick Messinger Email


Just uploaded some InterSub Brochures and NOL Annual Reports to the website. Follow the link on the front page to connect!

Michael Rand Email

It is a real trip down memory lane looking through the pictures on the site. Although I have kept in touch with some of my Intersub collegues, the pictures of many I had forgotten brought memories flooding back. Those were good days!
Well, believe it or not, I am still working with subs as part time team member of the LR5 Submarine Rescue System, at present on lease to the Royal Australian Navy. Since 2009, myself and Charlie Sillett have been working back to back on a 4 week rotation assisting the permanent team with maintenance and operations. My son Oliver who some may remember being born whilst I was in the Gulf with PC8 in 1976, is carrying on the family tradition as Quality Engineer on the team living in WA.
For myself, I am living in Poland with my Polish wife where we have a small guesthouse on the Baltic coast (a good place for a reunion?) I enjoy sailing and flying when I get the time between trips to Oz.
My best regards to all who remember those halcyon days, I would love to hear from anyone who enjoys a good old chin-wag.

Maurice Byham Email


Its good to see lots of new year greetings, it would be great to have a re-union in the UK of all of our colleagues. I have been retired from full time emplyment for six years but continue to maintain the Guildford town centre website shop listing. I also continue as a borough and parish councillor and a governor at a MLD school. When did I have time to work?

Nick Messinger Email

Welcome to the InterSub Guestbook.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Best regards
Nick Messinger

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